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Might and Magic is a series of games created by Jon Van Caneghem. There are currently eight games in the Might and Magic series plus Crusaders, Heroes, and Legends.

This web site will discuss in detail each game of the Might and Magic Series. It also includes sections on Crusaders of Might and Magic, as well as a section on the Heroes of Might and Magic series.

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Comments on 3DO

In case you didn’t know 3DO declared bankruptcy some time ago (May 29, 2003).  I’d like to take a minute to comment on 3DO’s bankruptcy and what I think it means for the Might and Magic series.  I believe this is the end of the series.  UBI Soft bought the Might and Magic franchise (last I heard) at auction so there may be hope, I seriously doubt that they will do anything with “Might and Magic” as it has not sold as well as “Heroes of Might and Magic” to which they may make a sequel.  New World Computing, however may survive, but it will be under control of a different company.  This is also the end of this site as this site has only been listed under the 3DO fansites so I doubt anyone will ever see this site again, as 3DO’s website is pretty much out of commission.


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January 4, 2004I have updated the

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October 3, 2003 – Technical support page


July 23, 2003 History of Might and Magic



June 13, 2002 --  New compatibility guide has

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June 11, 2002 – Information on MM 8 and 9 has

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December 20, 2001 -- We released the new others
MM section which contains additional information.
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December 19, 2001 -- The all new might and magic
game guide has been released. Check it out here:
Might and Magic Game Guide

October 11, 2001 -- After many years (1 year) we
finally made some changes to the site by adding
general strategy as well as links to more extensive
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August 19, 2000 -- Might and Web Site Launched.


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