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The has been rating web pages and computer video games for the past year. Not only has it proved to be a effective guide to parents on the content that may confuse or put wrongful ideas into thier childrens head, but it has helped parents themselves decide what is best for themselves also.

We hope that are rating system is easy enough for parents to understand. It is our goal to become the dominate name in Web and Computer rating world wide. This cooperation started with a dream, a dream to bring high quality content in every home in America. That dream has expanded, we hope to bring high quality web content to everyone in the world. You can help us achieve our goal by recommending other web page designers to have us rate thier page.

If you would like You can send us a comment on our rating system by clicking on this hyperlink. We would really like to hear from you. If you want us to respond to your comment indicate so in the message. We promise that we will send you a reply if you want one. You may email us anything you recommend to better our system you may email compliments. You may not email us critisisms. Thank you.

BSRC is not really a high quality web and computer video game content advisor the entire thing is a joke done by the authors of the jupiter homepage. We hope that we have not confused anyone as to the content of this page if you ever see a page rated by the BSRC I would recommend that you do not jump to a conclusion about its rating. We would still appreciate it if you emailed us about it.