Secrets of Might and Magic

Might and Magic Book I:

The Gold Message reads as follows:

The Scoop: For succesful completion of Book One, these are the tasks that must be done. Riddles and quests, discoveries and training, each has a value that increases your rating. The Kings true self you must identify, to be worthy of knowlege that you can apply. Return form the Astral Plane form 5 different locations, the 6th visit with a key card sahll end your frustrations! yet 9th level you must have attained for the Inner Sanctum to be claimed. From my drams to reality, and reality to dreams, a sequel is in order, woundrous it seems... JVC (Jon Van Caneghem).

The Secret of the |||Inner Sanctum||| In a serene voice, the data keeper says, "Welcome to your Inner Sanctum Varnlings I am very pleased that you've made it this far. You are to be commended. I've been monitoring your progress."" Turing to the strange mechanical device, he inserts a flat object into a slot. Your parys current performance total = (your score) excellent rating! This is a rare occasion, for only a privelaged few are given the opportunity for transfer to another V.A.R.N. (Vehicular Astropod Research Nacelle). Return now to the Inn of Sorpigal for rest and celebration. Then continue on to your new assignment at the Gates to Another world..." (+500,000 Exp for your accomplishment!)

Please send performance total (value) to:
New World Computing, Inc.
Van Nuys, CA 91404

Note: Sending my total to this address resulted in the letter being returned to me.

Gates Ending

Go to the gates to another world in section B2 of Varn after you complete the game and you will get the following message:

Congratulations distinguished travelers! The gates are now open to you, in order to pass through you must first find book two!!!