Jupter FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. When was Jupiter discover and by whom?

This information is unknown. The knowledge of this planets dates back to prehistoric (before recorded history) times.

2. How many moons does Jupiter have?

A fairly simple question, today we know of 16 moons. It is very likely that there are no more.

3. What are some common statistics on the planet Jupiter?

Please see the Jupiter Statistics or Jupiter Statistics II Section.

4. What is the surface temperature of the planet Jupiter?

The surface temperature of Jupiter ranges from -125 to 17 C (-193 to 63 F).

5. How many rings does Jupiter have?

Jupiter has only one ring, the Jovian ring. However this ring has four parts, the inner halo, a main ring and the Inner and Outer Gossamer rings.

6. Does Jupiter have seasons?

No, Jupiter does not have seasons.

7. What is Jupiter's symbol?