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Beem Software was founded in 1997 under the name of B.M. Software. Almost as soon as teh company was founded we developed Castle version 1.00 which would advance to castle 1.4 in the subsequent months. At that point we continued our software development with Joes Copter. Following the success of Joes Copter we began development of it’s sequel Joes Copter 2: The Revenge, as well as the popular title Explor: A New World.

Joes Copter 2 beta hit the market big with a good look for the future. However, sadly, most of our development team quit. We were forced to shut down the project, permanently. Almost all functions of Beem were put off for years.

Then in November of 1999 B.M. was back on it’s feet. Financially anyway. We upgraded most of our lab’s and equipment. Within a few months we continued the development of our trashed project Explor. We developed an entirely new system for our company and were pouring out titles by the year. Explor Beta was completed in the first quarter of 2000. The public loved it. B.M. was ready for the future.

In the last quarter of 2000 we changed our name to Beem Software™.

After hundreds of man-hours we finally released Castle: A Text Based Adventure version 3.00. With the all new technology Castle hit the market big. With popularity from ages young to old.

Beem has continued it’s project development with plans to complete Explor: A New World. Beem hopes to continue to develop great new software titles into the 21st Century.


Games (In Development)

Joe's Copter 3D

The story will follow that of Joes Copter 2, the game will be fully 3D with all the latest in software technology. Beem is not working on this product at this time.

Rodan's Cathedral

Based upon The Legacy of Heaven and Hell universe created by Blaine Myers, Rodan's Cathedral is a real time 3D adventure game. The game tells the story of Jack Lantern and the events surrounding his home town Cedar Hill USA and the Cathedral of Rodan in Italy.

E.X.P.L.O.R.: A New World

A 3D roleplaying game, where a starship captain from the future is stranded on a medieval world.
You work for the E.X.P.L.O.R. an elite group of explorers sent out to find strange new planets and civilizations. You were living your life as Captain of the Starship when suddenly you were beamed off the ship and ended up on a strange planet where no one is in sight.

Finding yourself helpless you were forced to gather your wits and set out to Explore this strange new place. A mystifying howl sounds in the distance. Your heart can only wonder what vile creature could cause such a scream.


Joes Copter 2: The Revenge

Take on the role of Joe Jr. a boy left wayward in a world full of hatred. Only revenge remains in his soul. Revenge to find out who killed his father. Guide him in his path to find out.
“I can’t shake him,” Joe screamed through the com. A mysterious vehicle had appeared behind him and was hot on his trail. Joe didn’t know why it was there, but he did no this. If he couldn’t get away he’d be dead.

Machine gun fire poured out from behind. “I’ve got you know,” a deep voice came over Joe’s headset.

“Who are you?” It was two late a Joe’s equipment showed an AVOK missile coming up from right behind. Joe braced himself for the impact.

BASH. Joe’s head bounced forward. Smoke filled the small cockpit. He saw the grown hurdling towards him. And then in a swift moment it was over. Smoke poured up from a flame drenched pile of metal.

But Joe was not gone. He had left behind a jewel. A jewel that would let him live one.

“Ga, ga, goo, goo” a babies first noises.


“Joe Jr. don’t do it.”

“Mom you know I have to. I can’t have let my fathers death have been in vain.”


Castle: A Text Based Adventure

Classic Beem Software title now advanced with the latest windows technology.

Games (Classic)

Archer: Deluxe
Huckleberry's Adventure
Joe's Copter: Flight of the Fittest
Night Killers 2


Dice Exposition (Source Code Only)



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Blaine Myers

The truth is that Beem Software is a one man show, we don't have the funding to get anyone else to work for us, that is why we haven't actually released any profitable software titles. Blaine Myers is however a talented computer programmer, unfortunatebly he is not an artist, level designer, modeller, sound engineer, or anything but a programmer. Despite the fact that Beem can develop effective technology, there is no one else to build the games that use the technology built.


Deckard has contributed a small amount of work to Beem Software, unfortunately not enough for us to really get anywhere.